Why Audi Lease

Why Audi Lease

Why  choose Audi Lease

In our opinion, Audi offers the best vehicles powered by the best engines and we think we deliver the best service. But there’s more…

FSI: more power from less petrol

Audi FSI technology proved itself first at the Le Mans 24-hour non-stop race, even when reaching speeds of over 200 mph down the Mulsanne straight. It is the combination of fuel efficiency and exhilarating performance which makes FSI technology highly attractive to the company car driver.

EU IV diesel range, less taxing… more rewarding

So confident was Audi in both the high performance and efficiency of its diesel engines that, once again, Le Mans became its testing ground when in 2006 it became the first car manufacturer to fight for overall victory with a diesel-engined sportscar – the Audi R10. Euro IV diesels are offered in models across the Audi range including the effortlessly powerful – but still remarkably fuel efficient – Audi A8 3.0 TDI quattro Tiptronic, a £47,000 luxury business express that can cross entire continents on a single tankful of fuel.

Audi Experience

We recommend the race track as the place where you can really appreciate the power, performance and sheer exhilaration of sitting behind the wheel of an Audi. Not only that, we guarantee an Audi Experience day would give you a few more driving tips.

An Audi Experience day will help you to really know how to control a car, how to draw the most from its technology and how to react in dangerous situations. A range of exclusive programmes provides driving experiences for all levels of ability.

The Best Service. The Best Offers.

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